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Monachem Journey

    1974 to 1990
    Start up journey in bulk chemicals trading
  • 1990 to 2014
    Representation of multinational brands to become a speciality chemicals distributor
  • 2014 to 2018
    Started international division with a dream to be known as inspiring & innovative speciality company globally
    Floated a separate new company for global business under the name Monachem LLP, to strengthen relationships with global buyers for acting as a sourcing partner for a wide range of speciality chemicals.

    History of Monachem

    • 1974 by founder
    • 1990 representing multinational
    • 2003 son of the founder

    Monachem Group was established in 1974 by founder Mr. Dilip Shah. It was initially established for trading of bulk chemicals for India market.

    Later on, in 1990's it started representing multinational companies in plastic additives and pharma excipients for India market.

    In 2003, son of the founder, Mr. Shamik Shah joined the business after finishing his chemical engineering and MBA degree.

    • 2014 expanding globally

    In 2014, with a vision of expanding globally, the company did a market survey with global buyers of speciality chemicals with an intention of understanding the pains and gains they were facing for sourcing & importing peciality chemicals from India. The company identified few pain points of global buyers like dealing with many factories, credibility in terms of documentation, delivery, packaging from small & medium chemical factories etc. The global buyers also were looking for a more convenient way to source & import speciality chemicals from India in terms of one point contact for multiple products, consistent supply and looking for alternative suppliers to Chinese chemical factories.

    • 2014 Make in India

    During 2014, the prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi also launched "Make in India" campaign to promote manufacturing in India and chemicals was one of the focus sectors.

    With the results of the market survey & India's government focus on expanding chemicals manufacturing, Monachem decided to launch a new International division in 2014 with a vision of making life easier & better for global buyers in sourcing speciality chemicals from India & promoting "Make in India" chemicals to the global market.

    • 2018 International

    In Aug 2018, with a focus on scaling the International division further , Monachem promoters decided to float a separate new company for this business division under the name Monachem LLP, strengthen relationships with global buyers for acting as a sourcing partner for a wide range of speciality chemicals.

    Today, Monachem LLC supplies more than 1000+ speciality chemicals from 100+ Indian factories to global customers in more than 35 countries around the world. The major product categories we supply are aroma ingredients, essential oils, cosmetic ingredients, animal feed, food ingredients, pharma intermediates, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, oil field, water treatment chemicals.