Contract Manufacturing

Our 10 contract manufacturing partner facilities have expertise in carrying out More than 15 reactions. We have capacity and access to more than 25,000 MT per annum of production combining all our contract manufacturing partner facilities.

Our partner facilities have expertise manufacturing aroma ingredients, personal care ingredients, pharma intermediates, herbal extracts and essential oils. We follow the highest standards of cross contamination prevention policies in our plants. All our partner facilities have wide range of reactors, distillation columns, closed filtration & drying systems.

We also have capabilities for research and development through our access to laboratories within our contract manufacturing sites.

We currently contract manufacture aroma ingredients, personal care ingredients, pharma intermediates and herbal extracts at our sites which finds application in flavour, fragrance, pharma, personal care & nutritional food applications.

We have indirect investments & exclusive contract manufacturing agreements with our facilities across India. Our contract manufacturing facilities have following capabilities :

  • Chlorination

  • Acylation

  • Bromination

  • Friedel Craft

  • Nitration

  • Extraction

  • Acetylation

  • Alkylation

  • Amidation

  • Reduction

  • Clemmensen reduction

  • Wolff – Kishner reduction

  • Esterification

  • Grignard

  • Nitration of Alkyl halide

  • Nitration of Aromatic